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Instagram Social Media Management

Say bye bye to Instagram overwhelm! No more keeping up with new updates, worrying about what to post, running out of content ideas & not seeing results despite your best efforts.

Delegate your Instagram to an expert who will enhance your Instagram presence, increase brand awareness, and help you grow an engaged online community.

Not ready to delegate it yet? We can teach you how to manage it yourself with ease!



Personal Brandtography

Melissa Henry and she is a brand coach and photographer. In fact, she took my amazing headshot and other pictures. 

She is offering a VIP day just for my people so that you can get the foundations in place quickly and come back for your funnel build!



Book Blurb Magic

HOW MANY SALES ARE YOU LOSING BECAUSE OF A BADLY-WRITTEN BOOK BLURB? What if you could learn to write highly marketable book blurbs...every time? What if you knew exactly how to capture your book in 100-200 tantalising words that draw readers in and makes them NEED to buy your book?

Jessie Cunniffe can write the blurb for you or she can teach you how to do it yourself with her $37 course!

Get the details (and use code FunnelQueen for 10% off!)