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Digital Launch Resources

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This is a book identification number and each edition of your book, including if you have a paperback and a hardcover, needs its own number except for ebooks. Ebooks can have an ISBN but they don't require one.

KDP or another print-on-demand company will offer you a free ISBN but it's rarely a good idea to use it. It will make Amazon your publisher instead of you and it could limit your rights.

Here is the official source of ISBN numbers. They are $125 for one and you can also buy a package

Overview Resources

Starting From Zero Free Course from David Gaughran

Free Video Course How To Sell Your First 100 Books

AI for authors: Book Blaster


Fascinating article about the power of the right title has a free plan that includes universal links, which means that you can share one link and it will send people to the correct Amazon store no matter what country they are in You can submit answers to these questions to have your author interview on their site


What if you could learn to write highly marketable book blurbs...every time?

What if you knew exactly how to capture your book in 100-200 tantalising words that draw readers in and makes them NEED to buy your book?

Book Blurb Magic Course from Jessie Cunniffe

Use code FunnelQueen for 10% off

Watch my interview with Jessie

My friend Melissa at Personal Brandtography has a brand new program in beta that utilizes AI to get powerful insight about your ideal readers or clients and then customizes a social media plan that guides them on the perfect buyer's journey. Get the details here.

Publisher Rocket (Keywords for Amazon and Ads)

Publishing Wide course Learn how to publish effectively in the wide stores and how to market your books outside of Amazon!


With KU option. Keep track of your book sales and income all in one place. This tool is customizable, so you can use it to reflect your preferred book sellers.


Royalty Calculator For Pricing

Best Pricing Strategy For Amazon KDP:

3 Months Before

Podcast Sites

Have you written a good book? Want to get the word out about it? Go ahead and pitch it to us and we might just have you on one of our shows. Don’t be afraid. We’re nice folks. Just fill in the form below. The NBN hosts will see your submission. They pick the books we cover.

Submit your book:

BLOG POST: How To Be A Podcast Guest

PR Resources

Author PR from Ashley at Nardi Media. My interview with Ashley on YouTube:

Another book-specific PR person is Andrea Pass

Review Sites

Pubby Reviews

Book Launcher's Best Paid Review Sites

List of Book Review Blogs

Reedsy Discovery Submission

Netgalley for ARCs


BookSirens - pay per person who downloads ARC

ReaderViews We encourage authors to enter their titles in our monthly book giveaway, which we offer at no cost.


Free Review Sites recommended by Kindlepreneur:

Awesome Gang

Love Books Group: Reviews books on their site is a easy process to submit.

Affaire de Coeur: A bi-monthly magazine that publishes reviews in historical, contemporary, paranormal, erotica, YA, and nonfiction primarily.

Book Page: Must send an ARC 4 months prior to publication date

The Kindle Book Review: Offers a list of reviews to contact individually based on preferred genres.

Compulsive Reader: Mainly focuses on literary fiction and poetry, they also review music CDs and other interesting things.

Crime Fiction Lover: Recommends sending a Press Release (***) and a bit hard to get into.

Book Smugglers: a highly read book blog that likes to focus on Horror, Urban Fantasy, SciFi, and YA.

Crime Scene Reviews: Reviews Crime and Mystery novels

SF Book: Started in 1996, SF books offers a list of Scifi Book reviewers you can contact individually

Fantasy Book Critics: Lists a bunch of legit book review sites, as well as offers their own in the Fantasy realm

Top Sci Fi Books: This website lists the best scifi and fantasy books based on certain subgenres. They have a sweet spot though for self published authors.

Did you know that you can create a link that goes straight to the review part? Send out these links to your friends, followers, and subscribers so they don't have to hunt for where to leave a review!

Done For You Blog Tour Service:

Build Book Buzz: How To Mine The Gold Of Blogger Book Reviews

Social Media Resources

Make A Book Trailer (or get help from Donna Cravotta and her "Author Mix Tapes")


The step-by-step proven guide to help you master TikTok and get the book sales and reader connections you dream of, without spending hours making videos.

Learn the strategies I used to sell 40k+ books through TikTok without paying for ads.

Watch my interview with the COO of BookBrush


BookBrush is a software created specifically for authors to create promo images and videos for their books.

It has templates for all kinds of social media ads, tons of graphic elements, and all sorts of book mockups (even box cover mockups for series).

You can use their new Hourly Concepts service to get help creating all sorts of promo assets for your book, even taglines and hooks.

Example of a book blurb into a video (yes, it's totally cheesy and low production and that's okay!)

Some Canva templates:

Blurb vertical video

Square social media images

Purchase Canva here

2 Months Before for newsletter exchanges and group promos. Note that this is not a good book funnel unless you pay for the middle tier where you collect email addresses but for $20/yr the first tier is perfect for newsletter swaps. [ is a very similar service]


This is the granddaddy of all book promo sites. While they have a "featured deal" option, it's rare to be accepted for it and you'll have a more predictable promotion if you use their ads.

You can also create an author profile on there that readers can follow. Here's mine as an example: Like with Goodreads, you can make lists of books you own, are reading, wantt o read, finished, etc.

Written Word Media (Booksy)

Promo sites Written Word Media is the company behind promo sites like Freebooksy and Bargain Booksy.

They can also help with Facebook and Amazon ads

Also check out their Book Launch Promo Stack:

While being a guest on podcasts is an amazing boost for your visibility and book sales, another way to utilize podcasts is to advertise on them. Most podcasts have a website where you can learn about their sponsorship or ad opportunities. This is when the hosts read a short blurb for a book and encourage their listeners to check it out.

Book Signing or Reading Events

This author posted videos from her book signing event on social media to get even more reach


Signed by the author stickers

I found these on Etsy! You can sign your books and then add a sticker to the front.

Get them here

1 Month Before

Launch Parties

SendOutCards for invites, thank yous, and promo mail (add a QR code to your invite for where people can purchase your book!)


Soft Launch Week

Launch Week

You are going to be so busy, consider hiring someone like Jennifer Nichols at She does done-for-you and done-with-you social media services but she can also help managing your engagement during launch week, responding to comments, answering questions, reposting mentions, following up, etc.

Indie Bookstore Finder - to help your friends and followers find bookstores to request your book from!

Post-Launch Week


Get The Next Book Launch Planner: a version of the planner that doesn't have the foundation pieces you've already done, just the bits you need for your next book launch

Book Marketing Playlist on YouTube

Recommended Books About Book Publishing!

I have a chapter in this multi-author collaboration about indie publishing!