Learn the exact system expert authors and thought leaders use to leverage their books to sell high-ticket offers!

In this ebook, You Published A Book...Now What?, you will be guided step by step through setting up a book funnel that will do the selling for you day and night.

Plus, you'll get printable worksheets for each step so you can take immediate action on everything you learn

Stop trying to cobble together a marketing plan for your book launch and follow the step-by-step guidance of this planner. Not just what to do for a great book launch...but also how to do it.

Whether you follow every single step or pick and choose a few favorite ideas to promote your book, your next launch is sure to be your best yet.


  • Set a promotional budget and launch goals

  • What tasks to do 3 months ahead, 2 months ahead, 1 month ahead, pre-launch week, launch day, launch week, and post-launch

  • Review tracker

  • Podcast tour organizer

  • Ideas and organizer for virtual and in-person launch parties

  • Scripts for outreach

  • Press Release template

  • Pre-filled calendars with three months of daily tasks and blank calendars to fill in your own

  • Post-launch analysis

Supplementary material on the Financially Free Author site includes Canva social media graphics templates for authors and additional resources to learn how to do everything suggested in this planner.

The landscape of the publishing industry is changing. Gone are the days of vaunted gatekeepers dictating what content gets distributed and controlling who has access to creating that content. With the rise of new technology, social media, self-publishing platforms, and independent bookstores, there are more opportunities than ever for everyday people to share their ideas, messages, and stories with the world through books.

The types of books being published are also evolving—mini-books, interactive books, journals, audiobooks, multiauthor books, and oracle card decks are all expanding the podium and revolutionizing the ways people can express ideas and influence culture. More and more entrepreneurs are positioning themselves as thought leaders by leveraging these growing platforms.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Even with ever-expanding opportunities, only a fraction of people with publishing ambitions are able to achieve this dream. It can be daunting for budding authors to try to maneuver through writing, packaging, marketing, and publishing on their own.

This book aims to simplify the process and make becoming an author attainable. In these pages you'll find passionate, purpose-driven, and well-versed experts working in various areas of the publishing field who are all eager to guide you step-by-step through the process of making your publishing dreams reality. It’s time to turn the page on what it means to become an author. Welcome to the revolution.